8track Tidal to Touch designer by Reaper - Suggestion chain

Hi, i don't know if someone care about this solution and if there is some better solution.
I find this chain very useful for mix record and play with TD with low latency.

My goal was map every single track from Tidal in some result in Touch Designer. The problem that i found is when touch designer is under stress glitch the audio and and if i use virtual device like VBout i have some delay.

The best workflow that i find is:

Tidal .> SuperDirt > BlackHole64ch > reaper > AggregateDevice (Apple Audio Out + Blackhole16Ch) > touch designer

1- From Tidal 8 track to BlackHole64ch (so i configure only 8 track stereo but can rise to 32 track). I configure the autostart of SuperCollider like Tidal reference explain

s.options.outDevice="BlackHole 64ch";
~dirt.start(57120, [0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14]);

2- The track from Tidal to Reaper for mix and VST effect. Each track are send individually to BlackHole16Ch. And Master output to computer speaker (or other output).

3- In Touch designer AudioDeviceIn CHOP is set to BlackHole16Ch and i have each track to map individually on some result. (here a self generated animation)

The pros with this chain is

  • can apply effect or VST to Tidal tracks, recording and easy mixing (I also configured Korg nanoKontroStudio for mix).
  • The audio come out from master in reaper and this not create latency or stuck in sound ike touch designer when is doing hard job
  • in touch designer i can map each track individually and effected with low latency.
  • if from Reaper i send to BlackHole16 mono version of track i can rise to 16 individual track

Here you can find the test comp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyiTSTxIIh8 not show too much about process sorry...


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