A polymorphic transpose function?

When I doing things with pitch in Tidal, about half the time I'm using pitched samples (like 'bass') and the other half using the synths. When I want transpose the former I use (|+ up ...) and for the latter (|+ n ...). Often I'd like to drop my pitched lines into stack and transpose them in unison.

But (|+ up ...) will override any pitches for a synth, and (|+ n ...) will change the sample index not the pitch for a sample. So I often find myself making a mess whenever I try transpose lines en masse. It's a bit too much overhead to keep track of which lines are which and duplicate all the transposing code.

I'm wondering what the complexity is for having a polymorphic "transpose" function, since sound patterns encompass both types.

I'm sure others have been up against this too. Is this even possible? Or is this something to just put in as a feature request? If it seems more or less straightforward, could anyone give me hint of what this might look like

Hey @crashingbooth,
These days up is an alias for note.
As far as I know, note (and therefore up) will do what you want.. For a sample, it will transpose, for a synth, it will select a different note.

So to clarify, n and note do the same for synths (and I think midi). For samples, n will select a different sample and note will pitch it up/down in semitones.

So I think in your case if you just use note (or up) all the time it should work out fine.


Ah okay. My hands type n automatically, so that will be hard habit to break, but using up with synths all the time totally solves my problem. Thanks!

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