A very simple way of making echos

This is just something I thought the other day, surely someone else has done it before but I thought it's rare and cool enough to share:

d1 $ s "bd(<3 2 5>,16,[0,1,3])"

Using polyphony in the offset argument of the euclidian mini notation. Triggering every note of the regular bd(<3 2 5>,16) pattern, but also repeating it 1/16 later and 3/16 later. You could also do more crazy stuff in every part of the polyphonic pattern of course. So I think it's a nice practice to have in mind for quick varied rhythm.


Wow! Didn't even know you could do that (though it becomes obvious with your share). Thanks!

And you can do things with the sample as well:

d1 $ s "<bd sd>(<3 2 5>,16,[0,1,3])"

So much to learn... in a good way.

There is certainly a lot of incredible voodoo with Tidal, especially with mini-notation. The shorthand of Tidal is immensely easier than say with SuperCollider Pbinds or PDefs. Both serve a purpose. But I do find I can get more going with Tidal up to a point. And that point is probably due to my level of ability on both.


really cool trick @geikha; thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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