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hello !

I'm new on using tidal and I really don't understand some things.
So If I try to sync tidal with Ableton live through Ableton link i see that the softwares are linked but for example if I set a tempo of 100 bpm in Ableton , tidal is setting for default is tempo in 4 subdivision for cycle so if for example i write d1 s "bd" , the kick come every 4 beat .
if i write "bd bd bd" tidal is dividing my cycle in three but the subdivision is alway in 4 so he plays the pattern like a quarter triplet according with ableton bpm.
So the question is

if I wanna compose a beat in 3/4 with bpm 100 how can I set tidal for to have 3 beat for cycle synced with ableton ? Is it possible (maybe not) ?

thanks a lot


There’s not currently a way to specify a different subdivision, but you should be able to squeeze every cycle into a three bar phrase with:

d1 $ fast (4 / 3) $ --your pattern goes here

You can probably get away with putting this on all to affect every pattern, but I’m not certain offhand exactly what syntax you’d need

thank you very much for your replay matthew ! So if I well understood the default subdivision of tidal cycle is in 4 beat for cycle ?

have a nice weekend

Yes that's right, and it turns out that it is possible to configure this, just not yet on-the-fly while tidal is running. There are some instructions here:
Multi-User Tidal | Tidal Cycles

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thanks Alex