About the Innards category

Discussion around Tidal's 'innards' - that is, stuff not about using Tidal, but about the mechanics of how Tidal itself works and is implemented.

Some music tech communities are divided between 'developer' and 'user' forums. That's definitely not the intention here - we are all part of the same community, are all Tidal users, and therefore all able to make suggestions for its development. So this category is for anyone interested in exposing and manipulating the innards of Tidal's patterning system, all welcome!

This is very technical:
I was trying to install a few tools that'd help look at the tidal source, but failed, because of incompatible library versions wrt tidal. E.g. https://hackage.haskell.org/package/hasktags

So, apparently Haskell has a tool similar to e.g. python's venv called hsenv
Trying to install this failed, too, due to incompatibilities.
I guess I'd need to uninstall Tidal, then install hsenv, then install Tidal in its own hsenv. Then install other tools in their own hsenvs ... has anyone tried this?

In a ghci session, use :info (shows type and source location) and :doc (shows haddock, if available).

Outside, run stack haddock (will create haddocks - with hyperlinked sources).
(perhaps stack haddock --resolver=lts)

cabal install hasktags should work (don't run inside the tidal directory. if you don't --lib, then it won't touch your global env, and just install the binary)

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