Adding global effects

When I try to create global effects using the example adding-global-effects.scd, I encounter the following problems:
-After creating the synthdef and assigning it to the orbit if I print in the console the global effects on each orbit I see that the effect is added 4 times on each orbit. While logically I think it should be added only to orbit 0 and only once
-Once I have created the new global effect and assigned it to an orbit all the other orbits stop playing.

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I'm afraid I can't help directly at all, but - there some discussion (and implementation) of global effects in this thread which may give you a clue:

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If the examples aren't working I think that's worth reporting as an issue here:

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I did it with the mutable instruments.

First, define the global effect synthdefs like (rows from 227 to end of the file)

Second, add global effects to orbits like (rows from 31 to 39)


Thanks @ndr_brt, that worked. Apparently the example in the hacks is not updated, I have reported the issue.

Yeah, I've just submitted a PR

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