Adding new SynthDef parameters

Hi! Kinda new to TC so please direct me to the proper documentation if this has been gone over somewhere else.

I'm writing a simple FM synth in SC and I can't find a neat way control it from TC.
I can send patterns via the freq parameter to modulate
the carrier frequency but id like to able to do the same with the mod freq and mod amp.

To my understanding TC has a limited collection of parameter names and most of em seems to be sending floating point and having some other function associated with them.
Am I missing something or is there a workaround for this like adding a new parameter or something?

This is what I am working with:\FMtest, {
|out, pan, freq=500, modHz=300, modAmp=400|
var car, mod;
mod =, mul:modAmp);
car = + mod) * 0.2!2;, (car, ~dirt.numChannels,pan));
}) .add;

Like I said, I'm a newbie with TC, SuperCollider and coding in general so please excuse my ignorance.

Think I found something in: tutorial-synths.scd
I'll try it out and get back.

Hi ! You might want to look at how it's done for superfm.

Otherwise, you can easily create new parameters by editing the BootTidal.hs file. Sorry this answer is a bit short I'm on my phone. Hope it helps !

Thank you!
Running this in tidal sorted it out:
let modHz = pF "modHz"

let modAmp = pF "modAmp"

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