After installation, Where is supercollider?

hi guys after months i've finally succeeded in installing the entire tidal package via terminal on my Mac. But now that i've successfully installed everything, i'm confused what to do next as i cant find supercollider or anything i have installed! there is nothing in my applications folder(no supercollider, atom, tidal etc)! after checking documentation i see that it is assumed that this step is taken for granted but i'm no programmer and i'm completely stumped on the the very first steps i need to take after i start up supercollider in my terminal also?

I'm not an expert - but here are some suggestions. Apologies in advance if I'm incorrect or someone corrects me.

I'm surprised that you don't see SuperCollider or Atom in your Mac Applications folder. With a proper install on macOS, you should have these.

You could verify this via Terminal / command line:

cd /Applications/

If this fails, it seems SuperCollider is not installed or not correctly. I would suggest downloading from the SuperCollider release site. Use 3.12.2 (not 3.13). You probably want the macOS.dmg or macOS-legacy.dmg if you have an older OS.

The Haskell & Tidal components are command line installs, so they won't show in Applications. You can verify this via launching ghci in a Terminal:

You should get information about the GHCi version and your prompt will show "ghci>"
To exit from ghci you need to type: ":quit"

Note that Tidal no longer uses the Atom editor, which is now sunset. Pulsar is now supported. You can see instructions here: Pulsar | Tidal Cycles