Algorithmic pattern

I'm happy to share news that I'll be starting a four year fellowship from December, exploring "algorithmic patterns". There will undoubtedly be some Tidal involved!


Congratulations! It'll be nice seing what comes out of all this work! Glad to see that you even included the mandatory alpaca picture.

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This is pretty damned awesome @yaxu! The patterning capabilities of Tidal are really amazing (thank you), even with the small grasp I have at this point. I keep making "happy accidents" and love the outcome, but there is also an element of 'control' that may be far beyond the scope of work. I.e., it seems some confluence of patterns just work, some don't. For myself, I get stuck in loops - same issue with any DAW. Making a song with changes and beaks is a bit more difficult. For instance, this was my latest attempt at something that I created using some routing hacks for FX with pretty basic patterns as an experiment: Stream SC 210909 143444 by Hypostatic | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Not entirely sure it's done, but a fun experiment if you listen.