Ambiguous module name

Ouch ... I somehow completely messed up my Tidal install and cannot run anything anymore #(

I'm sorry being such a n00b with two left arms and 15 thumbs, but this is the error:

t> Loaded package environment from /Users/A/.ghc/x86_64-darwin-8.8.4/environments/default

t> : error:
Ambiguous module name ‘Sound.Tidal.Context’:
it was found in multiple packages: tidal-1.6.1 tidal-1.6.1

Variable not in scope: tidal_version :: [Char]

I have been trying to reinstall everything but no cigar.

Don't worry this is a very common problem, due to a bug in cabal. Just delete that /Users/A/.ghc/x86_64-darwin-8.8.4/environments/default it mentions and install the tidal library again. Or edit that file to remove the duplicated entries for tidal.

You can avoid this bug by always using cabal v1-install tidal to install the tidal library, instead of the more modern (and more broken) cabal install tidal --lib.

Alright! Thank you!

I deleted all I could and reinstalled everything once again. Now it works and I can get sound out despite that it still gives the following errors (when code is executed the first time) in red colour in the atom editor terminal:

t> Loaded package environment from /Users/A/.ghc/x86_64-darwin-8.8.4/environments/default


t> Listening for controls on

Perhaps they are not critical (fingers crossed) ...

They're not errors, the Loaded... has been removed in ghc 8.10, and Listening... will be removed in the next tidal version I think :wink:

Oh, ok thanks for clarifying, the red text threw me off!

Had the same bug while upgrading but this thread saved the day. Thanks all! :smiley:

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