An intermediate tutorial (part 1)

Hi, I'm trying to write an "intermediate" tutorial, for people who have already gone through the basics and want more stuff to read :slight_smile: i decided to cut it in parts because it would get too long otherwise. part 1 is about code organization, stack, stutWith, arpeggios, and some more tricks.

I don't have much experience writing stuff like this so I'd love some feedback, whether you are in the target audience or not!

hope this helps someone :two_hearts:


be sure to send the link!

me being stupid as always... ta!

very informative and clear! tidal needs some advanced tutorials.

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Hi! Nice tutorial. Would you agree to port it to the Tidal documentation website? There is a section for tutorials / how-tos and everybody is welcome to add their own stuff. I think that it can be a great way to improve the docs. You could create your very own page for detailing your workflow with Tidal, etc...

As an alternative, I can add a link to your blog somewhere.

Thanks a lot @guiot. This is a very helpful tutorial! I like its structure, showing different variants of code achieving same results and in this context discussing pros and cons of functions. I am very much looking forward for the next part.

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Hi @guiot. thanks for sharing your experience and background on Tidal and giving us some tips and good practice.Hope you'll find time to publish others parts.

that could be nice! i'm not sure how the docs work since everything was changed some months ago, do i need to push to a repo or something?

Yes, exactly. There is a tidal-docs repository on GitHub. You need to add your tutorial formatted as MarkDown (GFM?) and index it somewhere in the sidebars.js file. It's actually really really easy to push new things once you understand how it works.

Thanks so much ! I've spent the day fooling around with your codes and techniques ! Eagerly waiting for what you'll come with to follow on !

this was a very enjoyable and interesting read, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for the very nice tutorial. It helped me a lot. I already know Haskell but it was somehow not so easy to combine this knowledge with tidal.

Read the entire thing yesterday, awesome work, thank you very much :+1:. We really need more meta oriented tutorials like that one whom explain not only the functions but stuff about live coding performances construction, good habits, code structuration etc...
One thing though, why don't you use indentation at all in your code ? Wouldn't it be more readable?

I Did some practice after reading the tuto :grin: