Anki (spaced learning) deck for the Learning Tidal Cycles course

If anyone uses Anki, I started putting together a deck to learn TidalCycles, based on the notes in the Learning Tidal Cycles course. I've got it in the repo I'm using to go through the course with the deck to be found here. Feel free to check it out. I've tagged each week and each lesson and will add more cards as I progress (I'll comment here when I update it). PRs welcome too, of course!


Hi @jkdufair,

thanks for that. I actually have learned things with Anki. Great tool.

Thanks for your deck, have merged it with mine. Here is the complete set in case someone is interested.

Hey that's awesome. I'll definitely look forward to checking yours out. Thank you!

this is great! thought about doing a Tidal function Anki deck some time ago, so I will check this out!
not that memorizing what everything does is that important, but i think being able to recall more and more functions even if you can't remember precisely what they do is a great way to motivate yourself to start/keep livecoding on the spot !