Archive Vids Uploaded! 2021 "The Longest Night" Solstice Livecoding Marathon

Yes thanks everyone in the solstice crew for making this happen!


Solstice crew is the mostest crew


Wonderfull I'm excited to ear and see all of that ! :star2:

I have a little question : Bespoke can be considered on this marathon ?

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Been a while since I last logged in -- just signed up for cycle 66 :japanese_goblin:

Nice work on the signup page


Only 6 slots left people, if you're on the fence about jumping in - now's the time to launch!

Quite a few first time faces I'm seeing in there, a lot of familiar faces, and a few "big names" - this is going to be huge :smiley:

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good morning

sorry for missing the slot, I did not observe that the slot was AM instead of PM
and saw the reminder email right as my timeslot was ending :frowning:

hope everyone has a great performance

Ah bugger! If you can find a free slot within a sensible time please take it by all means :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to everyone who performed, watched, participated, supported and organised - it was a bunch of fun, and there is loads of gold to be found in all the performances!

Work is underway to get the performances uploaded to a permanent archive on youtube/, in the meantime twitch will be holding replays for ~14 days:

We also got a lovely write up from Peter Kirn on (Create Digital Music):

Lockdowns? Variants? Live coders are always ready to make beautiful moments of togetherness that defy isolation and distance. Tune into the TidalClub Longest Night right now:

And yeah, as I wrote this, someone really was using Atari ST stuff as pictured. Thatā€™s hot. A moment ago it was some chopped-up speech and birdsong in a meditative loop.

Let's not leave it so long til the next one!


Massive thanks again to everyone involvedā€“organizers, performers, viewers, listenersā€“for making this such an incredible marathon


Last bit of admin detail - to try and ease future event workload, I've made available all the notes, and tried to write some documentation on the infrastructure/backend/testing/go-live processes:

This includes:


It was wonderful! Tuesday was my big "clean/reorganize the studio day", and with tea and breakfast I was recommended the link on YouTube. So the stream was the soundtrack to my whole waking day. Unfortunately I had to be out all day Wednesday, so thank you cleary for the Twitch tip. I am grateful to all who helped the event come about, and that I was able to experience some of it.


Videos now uploaded, with thanks to @sfradkin for a monumental amount of work and patience:

Youtube (eulerroom)
Internet Archive Search: subject:"longest night 2021"