Arpeggiator patterns "up&down" "down&up"

Could someone tell me if there is any way to access the up&down, down&up arpeggiator patterns? Escaping the & perhaps. It gives me a parser error. and if I &, the pattern parses, but I think it parses as updown or downup. Thanks!

Indeed. You mean this?

tidal> d1 $ n (arp "up&down" "c'maj7") # s "superpiano"
Error in pattern: Syntax error in sequence:
unexpected '&'
expecting charnum, rest, "[", "{", "<", "^", ".", "?" or end of input

looks like a bug to me, as the reference doc suggests that it should work Harmony & Melody | Tidal Cycles

A work-around is to call the _arp function directly

tidal> d1 $ n (_arp "up&down" "c'maj7") # s "superpiano"

but then you can't pattern its argument.

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Yes. That is the error.