Atom is being Archived

So I'm a bit worried that Atom is no longer going to get updates to the security or package manager:

Should I be worried about this? Are we thinking about alternatives?

I use Atom for hydra too, this is really sad

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Please follow/continue the discussion here:

There's a ongoing fork called pulsar that's really promising, there are already built binaries to try it out and the tidal package should be ready to be used soon.
I'd say that it could be the natural atom successor.

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There was also some discussion in Github is sunsetting Atom · Issue #920 · tidalcycles/Tidal · GitHub, but nothing new for a long time now.

Atom is awesome. I now use VS Code for normal daily work. That works with Tidal, but not as well with Supercollider quite honestly. I try and use both Tidal and SC together. As such I've been using Neovim but really don't use this for daily life, only for music. Works great once you have it all set up. I know @scztt (I hope I picked the right person) was working and calling for additions to make SC more IDE agnostic. GitHub - scztt/vscode-supercollider

Thanks! I didn't see this before