Audio skipping, suddenly getting lots of Late messages in Supercollider

Hi everyone!

Relatively beginner Tidal Cycles user here. I started getting a lot of Late messages in Supercollider yesterday while trying to use Tidal. The audio was always skipping. I've already increased the oLatency in the boottidal.hs file to quite a high value, and played around with the latency value in the Supercollider startup file. This does help with the skipping, but then when the latency is so high it seems to affect the timing a lot esp when I evaluate the script.

I was trying to use OBS to stream to Twitch, so I thought that it was likely the streaming itself was contributing to the problem. I've set up OBS NDI, so on one computer I am running Tidal Cycles / Supercollider / Ableton and the other one is fully dedicated to doing the streaming. This seems to improve things a little, but the audio still glitches out on occasion.

Was wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem, and what the workaround would be? Thanks in advance!!

Try to paste your tidal code, maybe it was too heavy

also, OS/hardware?

I had similar issues caused by powersaving features on a laptop running Ubuntu Studio