Automatic Code Execution

Hi all !
I'm working on a project that involves Tidalcycle for generating sound :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but I have a problem! I cannot figure out how can I execute the line/code without real interaction with the keyboard (aka pressing the shift + enter).
I need only a trigger for the execution of the code every 4 or 8 cycles, a sort of automatic execution.
How can I realize it? I'm struggling a bit! Thanks a lot :wink: cheers

What platform are you on?

A very hacky solution would be to use e.g. for OSX: midiStroke, for Windows, e.g. Midikey2Key. Have your tidal code emit a midi note that is recognized by midiStroke/Midikey2Key, which performs the necessary keyStroke to trigger your tidal snippets...

Thanks for replying me @loopology :wink: I'm on macOS for now, but my project probably will run remotely on a RaspberryPi, that will receive some OSC message from a web server. This message will be taken by Tidal and update the ongoing pattern after some cycles. Do you think that this solution can solve my problem?
Thanks :smiley:

Maybe can be useful for your needs, the atom tidalcycles plugin has a feature that permits to evaluate tidal code after a specific osc message is received:

Hi @ndr_brt !!! I'll try this! I didn't know this feature :smiley: Thanks a lot man !!