Automatic transient detection / micro sample trimmer software?

I was just daydreaming and had an idea…

Is there software that exists where you could give the program a long .wav file (containing some sort of clear transients (a long, percussive sound design exploration)) and have it chop up and export micro samples (fading in and out by a microsecond (to avoid audio clicks)) depending on the transients in the sound file?

Always trying to find new ways of automating processes, save time by not having to tediously trim / export each micro sample from a long sound exploration session to use for perc elements in future production.

i've done something like that in audacity with the silence/beat finder and then export multiple, not sure if the fading in and out is possible though

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i personally use FL Studio's Slicex, but I'm sure there must be some open source alternatives

Not exactly what you asked for, but maybe you'll find it interesting.
Tidal sound explorer can take long samples and split them into segments based on transients (using onset detector). It does not save the segments into files but store the segments info in a file and allows you to play the segments directly from tidal.

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