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Djmelan3 (dee-jay-muh-lun-dree) actively pursues collaboration, including with the group SuperContinent, the University of Pretoria Laptop Orchestra (UPLOrc), and with Tidal's Weekend Jams. Collaborative work is a way to "discover (and be surprised by) all kinds of musical possibilities, and learning to "be aware of others in the group at all times."

Included is a cool example of pan with gain to achieve a unique stereo field placement with unpredictable accents.

The SuperContinent examples are exciting - 8 people coding together, and each session is so different. Wow! Check it out!


@djmelan3 great post, the university pres/UPLOrc stuff is really nice to hear about, it often felt like you were working pretty much on your own over there, so I hope to hear about an SA community springing up soon :slight_smile:

I wanted to highlight (and thank you for) a method you used for creating melody in a WeekendJam once which I took away and banked -
Keep a super simple note/n statement, of a few notes/rhythms and modify/improvise just on that small statement in real time -
This may sound really obvious, but I had not seen it done until this particular jam (I will see if I can find it) - and it's super effective.
Especially with collaborators who are taking care of the rest of the accompaniment elements, you don't need to create a longform workable loop - literally build/modify cycle by cycle (or even note by note) and turn it off when you're done. Truly livecoding :exploding_head:


Thank you so much for your kinds words @cleary ! I wouldn't be here without any of those Weekend Jam sessions and all the opportunities to collaborate with people. Thank you for creating a space in which myself and others in the community can express ourselves. I think I know exactly which method you are talking about - there is a version of it here: Friday Live Nights - 25 Feb 2022 (Edited Version) - YouTube (code is visible at this timestamp on the left side of the screen). Unfortunately, I can't find the same method in any of the Weekend Jams I have on my YouTube channel.


It's always a pleasure to have you there - looking forward to the next one you can make! (PS the time is likely to change as of this weekend due to DST, so it'll be back to Saturday 20:00h UTC in case that's more convenient for you - I just need to do final confirmation with joanq)

Yeah - that's the sort of stuff I'm talking about. I haven't had any luck finding where I saw it in the WEJ sessions either, but it stuck in my head...I found it was quite a revelation :slight_smile:

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SuperContinent's latest performance is available here: SuperContinent in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom - YouTube