Blog Profile: Eloi el Bon Noi

Eloi is a composer working in experimental electronic music, with an interest in glitch, noise, remix, and harsh contrasts, creating "sound that mutates, structured by a chaotic order." He sees Tidal as a compositional tool, enabling him to create complex structures and also actively collaborate with other artists. He is part of the Noi$ project making improvised music from scratch with Tidal.

I first encountered Eloi with his dynamic performance in the Solstice Stream Dec, 2022.
It starts with a radical remix/cutup of the Led Zepplin classic Kashmir, and well, it's amazing.

NOTE Per Eloi's comment below, I've removed the link to the actual Solstice performance which has unintended results. Here is the correct link to use: Eloi el Bon Noi i la sessió maleïda (The cursed session) - YouTube

Check out Eloi's thoughts, Tidal code and music!


The Solstice performance linked above is not representative of my work. :pray::pray::pray:
I didn't realize that there was only one orbit going out in the stream. The result is much more chaotic and bizarre than my music is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The next day I repeated the session with the well routed orbits. I attach the link below.

Eloi el Bon Noi and the cursed session

As you know...always embrace the error...:wink:
Thank you @HighHarmonics for your amazing work with the profiles :raised_hands:!!

Ok, I've corrected the link in the announcement post above. Thanks for pointing this out @nuntxaku! From your description it looks like the cursed session became a cursed stream :wink:

Since we now have focused on this performance - I would love to have you tell us more about the construction techniques you use and how you work with the quoted music samples (not only Led Zepplin but later a choral sample is subjected to similar remix/cutup techniques).