Blog Profile: Ghales

This is an articulate and detailed presentation of aesthetics, guiding principles and coding practices, along with info on album releases, musical roots and influences.

When playing alone, I aim very high: my goal is for the music to be interesting without the knowledge that it's done by code. If an audience can't vibe to it, I'm doing it wrong.

Included is a discussion of custom functions with a link to his custom function repo - used for controlling tonality and time signature changes. Very cool and impressive! And a very good way to see how Haskel knowledge is put to use.

Ghales is one of the founders of the Algorave Brazil community and is also working on a video series of live performances of musicians from Brasilia. Ghales has also developed a livecoding workstation called Verso. It is language agnostic and can support any livecoding language with a compatible plugin.

Check it out!