Blog Profile: Helen Papaioannou

Helen is a composer and performer (bari sax) based in Sheffield, UK.

Helen favors a minimal sound pallete, "drawing out a lot from a little," such as working with one sample or a very small collection of samples. She creates by constraints, using extended repetitions, unconventional sounds, and introducing small changes gradually. "I like to find the kernal and stay there - persist."

Her Blog profile talks about her relationship with Tidal and how she thinks - embracing "musical surprises that arise from unexpected interactions with functions, misunderstandings and errors." Cool!

I've been listening to her solo music (Red Sprite on Bandcamp) - it is almost startling how bare it can be, but also mesmerizing, sometimes disorienting, and really unlike anything else. And her video interview is - ... well I just don't have any words for it, you have to experience it! Check it out!

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