Blog topic: How Link became Tidal's scheduler

This is a fascinating narrative and discussion about Tidal internals and how the Link integration was engineered into Tidal. Along the way we learn about Link as a C++ library, how it was incorporated into Haskell, and how challenges were encountered and resolved over a period of 8 months (Nov '21 - July '22). Additionally, we get a view into the Tidal innards, things like Arc, Part, and Event. We see in text, (very nice) diagrams, and code how the Link API and integration works.

If you are thinking this is only for the hardcore super geeks amongst our midst -- not true! While it is technical (rightly so for the subject) - the narrative and descriptions are very readable and easy to follow. We all benefit from understanding more under the hood. And thanks to Zalastax, we can all use Link to synchronize - without having to think about it.