"/BootTidal.hs" does not exist - linux emacs

first time installer here! had the usual '"/BootTidal.hs" does not exist' error when trying to start up in emacs for the first time.
so following the instructions here: Emacs Extension for the workaround to get 'BootTidal.hs' in the startup path, but when i do this:

Configuring tidal-0.9.10...
Building tidal-0.9.10...
Installed tidal-0.9.10
[xxx@xxx ~]$ ghc-pkg describe $(ghc-pkg latest tidal) | grep data-dir | cut -f2 -d' '

[xxx@xxx ~]$ ls /home/xxx/.cabal/share/x86_64-linux-ghc-8.4.4/
colour-2.3.5 hosc-0.16

really strange. it seems that in this case '/BootTidal.hs" in fact does not exist! what did i do wrong?


I ended up with a similar problem once. I don't remember what I did exactly to fix it, but have you specified a path for your BootTidal.hs? Try adding the following line to your configuration:

(setq tidal-boot-script-path "~/.cabal/share/x86_64-osx-ghc-8.8.4/tidal-1.7.4/BootTidal.hs")

Btw, are you using Tidal 0.9?

Btw, are you using Tidal 0.9?
that's the version that is built when i do
cabal new-install tidal

when i try
[xxx@xxx ~]$ cabal v1-update
cabal: unrecognised command: v1-update (try --help)

[xxx@xxx ~]$ ghci
GHCi, version 8.4.4: http://www.haskell.org/ghc/ :? for help

is that haskell version out of date? do i have to have 8.8.4 installed in order for v1-update to work?

to further muddy the waters (heh) i installed stack and ran
stack install tidal
which did build tidal in some bizarre location but i don't know how to use that library with emacs ...
[xxx@xxx ~]$ locate BootTidal.hs
i'm sorry but i'm just not that familiar with Haskell or this way of building and installing things.

ok, after installing ghc and cabal and all from other sources (not the fedora packages in other words) - i finally got it going!

looking forward to playing ...

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