Buffer UGen: no buffer data

Hi all,

First time ever posting here. I did a quick search and haven't found an answer to my problem. Hope it hasn't been asked already.

So here's the thing. I have to play a Livecoding-set tomorrow.

I prepared the set on my desktop, everything worked well. Now I transferred the set to my laptop (Copied files to Dirt-Samples, copy-pasted code from Atom).

Everything works perfectly on my laptop, except this one line of code. When I declare it, there is no sound and I get this message in the SuperCollider console: "Buffer UGen: no buffer data".

One curious detail: when I change the source sample in the line of code, it does work. It seems this issue is related to the sample I'm trying to load? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


For anyone that might be interested: I've figured it out myself.

It was actually something pretty basic, I just had to change the buffer size in my startup file and now it works.

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