Call for moderators

Happy Xmas all,
It'd be good to have some moderators/admins here. If you'd like to spend a little time actively gardening around the forum (e.g. splitting topics, assigning categories), helping resolve any disputes, and generally encouraging participation and healthy discussing etc then please drop me a dm. No experience required, people from diverse backgrounds / parts of the world welcome. As with everyone here, must fully support the CoC. Thanks!

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Hi @yaxu I've just joined, so I don't think I have permissions to DM just yet. However, I'd be interested to learn more about the time commitment/responsibilities you have in mind for helping out. Cheers!

Hi @juanted, in terms of time commitment I think the main thing is being active on the forum, there'd be very little time commitment on top of that. I guess the main responsibility is being pro-active in looking out for the health of the forum and community, although we all have that responsibility anyway. Maybe if you're new here it'd be best to see if you find yourself being active here first.

So far we have three admins/moderators (@th4, @lwlsn and I) which is probably fine for a forum of our size but it'd be good to have a bit more geographical spread as we're all on European time.

Thanks for the response @yaxu, I'll hangout for a while and see how things go -- with respect to timezones, I'm PST, so if that ever becomes particularly needed let me know!