Can it be set to 442 Hz tuning?

As you know, the following code will play note A in 440Hz tuning.

d1 $ s "superhammond" # n "a3"

Now I am collaborating with another instrument to produce a sound, but that instrument is tuned at 442Hz.
Is there any way to change the tuning of the TidalCycles (SuperDirt)?

Thank you!

There might be ways to change this on the SuperDirt/SuperCollider end, but I’m not sure.

However, the SuperDirt synths generally support pitches specified as decimal numbers to indicate microtones. I think 442hz is 8.75 cents sharper than 440hz, so you should be able to add that to your note value to bring it into proper tuning:

d1 $ s "superhammond" # n ("a3" + 0.0875)

If your entire Tidal session should be in this tuning, then you can specify the offset be added to any note parameter in any pattern with this:

all (|+ n 0.0875)

At this point, you’d write your Tidal patterns, specifying notes like you normally do.


all (|+ n 0.0875)

That's a great idea! Thank you for your answer.