Can tidal detect transients from a sample?

I am looking to load up a sample.

Detect transients of the sample, and reference them as a pattern. But i am not sure it is possible.

I have gone through the documentation for custom samples, and samples in general, but i don't really see anything for detecting transients of a sample..

Is it possible ?

the short answer: no, not really. tidal is not aware of anything related to the actual processing of sounds, you could say it is a OSC message sequencer

the long answer: you could detect the transients in supercollider, possibly using the Flucoma library, this is discussed here a little bit: Transient detection - #11 by maciej - scsynth - not sure if it would work to do it in real-time though, so you would need to pre-process the samples.

then the tricky part is to turn these transients into a pattern that you could use in tidal, not sure how you would go about that

another option would be to try and integrate it directly in superdirt (tidals sound engine) without turning it into a tidal pattern

I guess i will pre-slice my samples and use tidal-cycles for patterning through them..