Can't handshake with SuperCollider?

Hi all,
I'm having this weird problem where Atom says "Can't handshake with SuperCollider without control port" . The strange thing is that Tidal is working fine, I can do everything as normal. But after running a bit of code, it chokes up and starts making some pretty weird sounds. If I restart it the same thing happens. I'm not sure if the two problems are related since I did have this problem of the weird sounds before but it was a rare occurrence now it happens every time. I think I started getting this error after loading some of samples into SuperDirt. I'm pretty new to this so I am probably over looking something very obvious.

for reference this is the weird sounds. its almost sounds cool

I have had the first "problem" as well, but so far atom seems to be working fine for me.

Hm, what versions of Tidal (run tidal_version in your editor) and SuperDirt (have a look in Language > Quarks) are you running?

Does cpu usage go high, and if so what process(es) are using the cpu?

Are you using a custom BootTidal.hs, if so what have you changed?