Carabiner - Variable not in Scope

Hi! trying to link tidalcycles and ableton via Carabiner and Link I get this:

Variable not in scope: carabiner :: Stream -> t0 -> t1 -> IO a0

this happens when I want to activate this information:

sock <- carabiner tidal 4 (-0.1)

Does this have to do with the spaces in BootTidal.hs? as suggested here: Can't load BootTidal.hs if the path contains a space · Issue #95 · tidalcycles/pulsar-tidalcycles · GitHub


There's no need for Carabiner using Tidal 1.9.x, read here:

Yes, I have read it, thank you. I turned to install Carabiner because I can't use Link after I did a new install of tidalcycles ( 1.9.4) I also did an update of Haskell. I don't know what's going on. This is what my Haskell troubleshoot looks like:

➜ ~ git:(master) ✗ ghci
Loaded package environment from /Users/axelpulgar/.ghc/x86_64-darwin-9.2.2/environments/default
GHCi, version 9.2.2: Glasgow Haskell Compiler — The Glasgow Haskell Compiler :? for help
ghci> import Sound.Tidal.Context

I can hear the samples and write patterns but it doesn't seem to connect with Link. Any ideas?

It seems like I have the same issue. In my opinion, there's a problem with OS versions above Ventura. When I tried to use Link in Sonoma, it didn't work, so I downgraded to Ventura, but again only Link wasn't functioning. Eventually, when I downgraded to Monterey, Link started working properly. (There was no difference in the process of installing Tidalcycles)

I'll also attach the link to the question I posted regarding this.

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I am indeed trying to install it on Sonoma. Thanks for sharing your process, it will save me a few hours of installation. It occurs to me that perhaps there are specific versions of Haskell and Tidal that do work with recent macOS versions and Silicon computers? This is a bit beyond my knowledge.

Ah but it's not necessarily the fact that it's a silicon computer... you managed to make Link work on another system.

It would help for troubleshooting if everyone could be very specific about the release version numbers of GHC, Cabal, etc. they are using, how they installed them (e.g. ghcup or otherwise,) how they installed Tidal, and whether or not they are using (Rosetta) x86 or ARM versions of them.

FWIW, IIRC GHC 9.2.2 is too old for running the Link integration.

Ok on my side:
cabal-install version
compiled using version of the Cabal library
Haskell version 9.8.1

I used the Automatic installation (script) for MacOS
curl -sSf | sh

again without success connecting to Link on a Silicon/M2.
Sounds and patterns works!

[TidalCycles version 1.9.4]
Installed in /Users/axelpulgar/.local/share/aarch64-osx-ghc-9.8.1/tidal-1.9.4
Listening for external controls on
Connected to SuperDirt.

tomorrow I will try to install it manually

@eyd do you normally use the Auto Script from the Tidal website for installation?

Yes, I installed it using the 'Automatic Installation' as described on the website!

i'm having the same issue - did anyone have any success fixing it?

@eyd @brepundtrep

tidal-link was updated in light of this, please try reinstalling tidal after running cabal update. this might fix it! I personally went and downgraded my laptop to Monterey, which did the trick.

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Yes, it's working here too! no downgrades.
Working in Sonoma 14.1.2 - M2 Max.
Thanks for clarifying the code @yaxu