Checksum not matching atom package install


I have the following error everytime I try to install the tidal package in atom:

Installing “tidalcycles@3.14.1” failed.Hide output…

npm WARN deprecated dgram@1.0.1: npm is holding this package for security reasons. As it's a core Node module, we will not transfer it over to other users. You may safely remove the package from your dependencies.
npm ERR! sha512-Xs2Stw6NiNHWypzRTY1MtaG/uJlwCk8kH81920ma8mvN8Xq1gsfhZvpkImLQArw8AHnv8MT2I45J3c0R8slE+Q== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-Xs2Stw6NiNHWypzRTY1MtaG/uJlwCk8kH81920ma8mvN8Xq1gsfhZvpkImLQArw8AHnv8MT2I45J3c0R8slE+Q== but got sha512-XLzZUNNCmDcoYcJtTq8AHDvJMo00zdMqCvf72/OA6OFl7xrOZK7pjMJ0tcrZJVChIcFLJ0i8eTL9WL8qxNQDDw==. (37544 bytes)

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /home/xavigo/.atom/.apm/_logs/2020-11-20T05_43_36_117Z-debug.log

Any insights on why this is?

I running Debian 10

hi, what's your nodejs / atom version?


I have

Atom    : 1.53.0

And apparently I don't have nodejs

xavigo@ninioArtilleroAVL:~$ node -v
bash: node: command not found

Should I install it?
What is it for?

And finally it just worked. Installed from the install tab in Atom settings. I just gave it another go without changing anything on the system. I guess the checksum was corrected? I'm still curious about this error... but I'm happier to have the plugin installed :slight_smile:

Uhm... don't know, but glad to hear that!