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They should always stay in sync but it has been buggy for a little while. I'll try to work out why.. It's probably something quite small.

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Ah it's a little more complicated

edit Ok I committed a quick fix to main @ndr_brt if you want to try it out!


Ok, now it's working, a setcps <value> changes tempo on both the tidal instances.
Just a question, if I want to connect two tidalcycles on two different computers I just need to set the sTempoMV address like it's stated here: Network tempo sharing - TidalCycles userbase?
I need to expose a particular port or the sync works on the 6010 out of the box?

I know, I could just try it, I will do it in the next days, but I'm just trying to understand that better :slight_smile:

Both computers will work relative to their local clock. So for it to work, those local clocks will need to be in sync. You can use the usual ntp for this but it can take a long time to get in sync (you can use ntpdate for an immediate correction, that can help a lot) and you might hear occasional glitches, especially if on unstable wifi. PTPD is a lot better, it's designed for computers on the same LAN.

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hi alex can you recommend a good tutorial for installing & configure PTPD? and how we could enable it to work with tidalcycles? :slight_smile:

I don't know of a tutorial, but if I remember right, you just run it.

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