Collaborative live coding

Hi there I am very curious about ways to do collaborative live coding with Tidal - perhaps it will be part of a later session? I have looked at Estuary via the documentation as a platform for live collaboration, or are there better alternatives?


I have briefly explored Troop, and it seemed to work well. That being said it didn't quite fit the case we were exploring: multiple (10+) people collaborating at once.

Curious of any other alternatives as well.

Estuary and Troop are great!

A newer one is Flok:

Here's some example performances..

Estuary - features 'minitidal', a web-based version of tidal (not everything is implemented yet, but a lot is!)

Troop - with foxdot, but it works with tidal too



This is great I'll look into it.

Thanks for this, lots of options and new stuff to explore.

Of course there's also the possibility to be in the same place together and synchronise your laptops, but that's not too easy at the moment!

flok works awesome, you need to have the same samples than the others and use the p function to avoid override the d1 d2 and stuff, with synthdefs gets laggy but its on an early stage so i think it will work better in a future.


Thanks Alex, this is very interesting to me, could be fun in a site specific performance or something. Can I find any information about this somewhere?

Hi, there's some info here

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how i can use troop on mac.
when i try to download the file from
server file is a document not an app.

Do you have python installed? If not you'll need to do that first.

If so use terminal to navigate to wherever the server file is held on your machine

cd path/to/file

Then run python to launch the server.

Alternatively you should just be able to double click the '' file to run it with python, which should launch the server.

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Hi @heavy.lifting!

I want to use troop to collaborate with a friend for the full moon algorave and it has cost me a lot of work to make it start, I have python 3.8 downloaded and I also have troop downloaded. I cannot open the server file, the truth is I walk a bit lost and I can't find the way to make it work :sleepy:, will it be possible to tell me what am I missing? :pray:
I would appreciate it a lot!

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Which operating system are you using?

OS @yaxu

Hiya @gablezman - are you collaborating with a friend on the same network, or are you playing together remotely?

no worries @heavy.lifting I tried flok and it works very well,
I already did the sound checks and it went well :robot:

regards, see you on full moon !

Great! I've not tried flok myself but I've heard good things!

Hey, anyone has experience on syncing two tidal with network tempo? Or in another way?
The idea is to play a show with two tidalcycles (not by myself, with another person, obviously :smiley: ) in presence

I tried loading two instances of tidalcycles on the same computer, and they are synced, no matter when I start them, so I suppose that no matter when I start a tidal instance.
I am able to "desync" them changing the cps on both the instances.
I'm looking to a way to make them sync also after a cps changing, I guess that since I'm able to do that, network syncronization will be also ready.

Maybe with Link ? Link synchronisation - TidalCycles userbase
I haven't tried with two tidals but it worked great with one tidal and two instances of Pure data in two different computers