Combining patterns and Schillinger System

Hello everyone,

I have been recently engaging with the Schillinger System of Musical Composition and I am trying to understand what are the ideas that Tidal implements, and how much.

For starters, I find that combining patterns relates to the concept of binomial periodicities (see this if you are curious).

Has anyone spotted anything related to it, e.g. harmony?

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Thank you so much for this! I had lost my copy of my Schillinger book in my travels and reading this again now is wonderful! will keep this in mind and will let you know if I find more relationships with Tidal. Best, Alex :slight_smile:

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So lovely to see a reply!
Thank you Alexandra, looking forward to discussing it :slight_smile:

It would be interesting, for starters, to understand if pattern combination really follows Schillinger's theory of rhythm, or if it is just because I want to see it.

PS: I am currently trying to understand to what extent I can fit Schillinger and Neo-Riemannian theory into Tidal without going too "against" the idea underlying it. I feel like I need some more higher level structure - musician's bias, I suppose :smile:

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Your post here made me discover the Schillinger System and I have started reading a bit on it. At first glance I do think there might be a nice connection to Tidal. I have to investigate more though.

Cool that you mention the Neo-Riemannian theory, I thought about implementing uniformic triad transformations into tidal to generate simple chord progressions. There has been also some recent work to extend the approach to seventh chords.

This is a really cool blogpost I can recommend:


That is lovely, so many times have I thought to implement these concepts but I am always kind of blocked because truth is, I am not confident with Tidal codebase - I am more of a Python guy :confused:

Great to see that you know Alexandre's blog!
Please reach out if you are interested in further discussing these topics :slight_smile: