Complete & fixed linux walkthrough!

Hi kids,
After a pain and acheful week of debugging, I’m finally able to say that I’ve encountered every possible bug/old repo/unsolved dependency in the mighty linux architecture : D
I spent this week to search and fix every ever existed error during the linux installation, as well as combining lots of official and unofficial guides and solutions to this mega-monster walkthrough which I’d like to share with you :))
Feel free to ask anything & have a bugless weekend c:


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Thanks very much @kisvakond!
A while back I made a version of the mac tidal-bootstrap script to get it to work under linux:

However I haven’t had a chance to test it properly on either linux or mac… But maybe combining your work with this and we’ll have a good linux install script!

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How big might a Haskell install under linux be? I might give this a try, but am a bit worried about running short of disk space. (I’ve already got SuperCollider installed and working.)

after time it can take up to 2.5gigs unfortunately, but it runs absolutely flawless even on my pretty old laptop with only 4gigs ram
check this too:
: )