Connecting Tidalcycles to a modular synth

Hello, I'm looking to get into modular synthesizers so I've been researching various modules I might want to purchase. I was wondering if anyone here has hooked tidalcycles up to a modular synth in some way?

I'm thinking it might be possible to send something to an envelope follower, send midi
in or maybe just audio directly? I'm not really sure.

I really like to hear some ideas on how they could be combined.
Thanks in advance!

My only experience integrating Tidal with a modular synth is through MIDI. If you have a module that can make itself available as a MIDI device to SuperCollider then you can send note and CC patterns to it.

Otherwise you could certainly send audio directly and process it. A lot of the Make Noise modules are great for this, like the Morphagene. There's also the Clouds to do some granular sampling/synthesis.

Have you looked at VCV Rack? It's an open source software modular synthesizer. Free to use, and might give you some ideas since it has a nice audio module to route audio. There's a MIDI module too.