Controlling Ardour MIDI synths via Tidal

Hi all,

I'm trying to work out a way to control a software synth in Ardour via MIDI in Tidal. For context I'm a Linux user, but have basically never used a DAW before.

Running MIDIClient.init(); in SuperCollider does not seem to show any Ardour MIDI synths. Here is the output:
MIDI Sources:
MIDIEndPoint("System", "Timer")
MIDIEndPoint("System", "Announce")
MIDIEndPoint("Midi Through", "Midi Through Port-0")
MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "out0")
MIDI Destinations:
MIDIEndPoint("Midi Through", "Midi Through Port-0")
MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in0")
MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in1")
MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in2")
-> MIDIClient

Does anyone know what I need to do to get it to appear? Apologies, this is pretty vague, I attempted to route SuperCollider output into the MIDI input via a synth's routing grid in Ardour, but I've had no luck

I've been digging into this very workflow the last week - I'll detail my findings at some point today if I get time, otherwise I might need a day or two

The short version is, connect your sc to the midi through port, and connect that to your soft synth via jack (or ardour if it will show the virtual midi port)

Problems encountered: if you want to run multiple soft synths in ardour, creating multiple virtual midi through ports is the easiest way


Thank you, will give it a shot!

Actually there may be enough info in the screen of this video to help you through?

You need Ardour when you want to record, but on Linux you can run quite some synths as standalones (zynaddsubfx for instance) or use a plugin host like Jalv or Carla. Then you use JACK/qjacktctl for connections. You can use non-session-manager (NSM) to store setups.

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Hey, this is true - at least in my testing I've done some standalone running of synths plus looked briefly at carla but have just found the number of moving parts gets quite unwieldy, quite quickly.

The thing I like about ardour is that it can do the plugin/softsynth hosting and relevant jack routing management for, plus has the recording all in one fairly robust/replicatable package -

In my workflow at least, this feels like less plumbing of disparate pieces, so I'm going to give it a run for a while.

I do think I need to look into NSM though...

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