Controlling faders

I decided not to buy new Behringer gear (pretty much for these reasons), but I found out (from that linked video actually) that they used to make a relatively cheap midi controller with motorised faders called the BCF2000. They don't make them any more but easy to find second hand. Just got mine working... I had to take it apart and tighten some belts to get it up to scratch, which wasn't too hard. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to make use of it yet, but here's a quick demo of tidal controlling the faders:


Nice! If you have a chance I for one would love a quick tutorial on how you hooked it up so tidal can receive and use the incoming data.

Nothing special! It's just sending MIDI CC messages from tidal via superdirt. The hardest part was taking it apart to tighten up the belts, I found a guide for that here. This was just a first test, I haven't thought through a practical use of it yet! So far I only have CC messages going from tidal to the bcf2000.

Ok I see, so only midi out thus far. If you ever find yourself sending midi from BCF to Tidal and want give some pointers I'm gonna be all ears.

MIDI input is fairly straightforward, there's some info here:

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