Cost of implied fromString

When we write tidal code like

d1 $ s "superchip"
   |>| note ("[c f a a f c]"
             + "[-12,0,3,7]" - 12 ...

the compiler inserts fromString at each string literal, so the interpreter evaluates

d1 $ s (fromString "superchip")
   |>| note (fromString "[c f a a f c]")
             + fromString "[-12,0,3,7]" - 12 ...

where fromString :: String -> Pattern _ calls the mini notation parser.

I was wondering - how expensive is this (how often does the parser run)? It should be fine (parser is run once) unless we're defining functions. See [Haskell-cafe] with -XOverloadedStrings, when is the implied fromString floated out?

This is a theoretical concern for now - I don't think parser performance ever was a problem.