Custom Arguments for Synthdefs

Hey guys ! Im trying to bring in my custom synths with additional arguments then superdirt provides. Is there a easy way to do it ? So far when i add an arg in the synth def tidal is not recognizing it...

Got it ! Nevermind thank you :pray:t2:

Can you share your solution please :slight_smile:

Sure i was actually trying to install the Mutable Instruments Ugens and found another thread here in the forum who was explaining exactly that.
If i would create any argument in Supercollider it also has to be referenced in tidal cycles.
to do this one just has to create a parameter in tidal cycles with the same name the argument has in SC
for example: SC Arguments: | harm, pit, model |

Tidal parameter reference:

let harm = pF "harm"
let pit = pF "pit"
let model = pI"model" 

I added this to the start up file.
so far it works :slight_smile:


In order to generate such definitions, you can use:

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