Delay Applied to Patterns

I noticed sometimes that when I apply delay in one of the patterns it's applied to all running ones. Say I am doing this

p "patname1" .... # delayfeedback 0.2

p "patname2" ....

patname2 has delay too. Is there something weird with the busses in SC as a known issue?


This is because your streams with ids patname1 and patname2 uses the same (default) orbit 0.
And something like delay is a so called "gobal effect" and applied to the audio result of an orbit.
You need to specify your orbit to separate the result of the delay like:

p "patname1" .... # delayfeedback 0.2 # orbit 0

p "patname2" .... # orbit 1

Now it should be clear, why d1...d'n is defined in this way:

-- defined in BootTidal.hs
d1 = p 1 . (|< orbit 0)
d2 = p 2 . (|< orbit 1)
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Oh I see, this may be a little bit confusing, it has to do with the orbits and their busses implementation in SuperCollider, as otherwise I don't see any point of mixing two patterns.