Delay applies to all patterns

Hey all,

I am not sure this is related with another issue but I just realized that when I am passing a pattern through a delay effect it affects all patterns running. Is this something expected, but then why. For example when I am doing something like this I hear the repetition of the hihat as well as in the kick. When I turn of the test pattern then the hihat sound is dry.

p "foo" $ s "hh" 

p "test" $ s "bd" # delay 0.5

p "test" silence

there is the concept of local and global effects that relates to orbits, you can think of an orbit a bit like a channel, all global effects on a specific orbit effect all the sound on that same orbit (in your case that orbit would be defaulting to 0).

to avoid it, put your sounds in differen orbits like:

p "foo" $ s "hh"  # orbit 0

p "test" $ s "bd" # delay 0.5 # orbit 1

the standard d1 through d8 have differrent orbits assigned by default.

Thank you it makes sense now, but why this has different bus routing to supercollider since it is presented as equivalent to "d"

does it say that somewhere in the documentation? it might be slightly wrong there then, the orbits are the only difference between p x and d1 etc.

Is there a list with global effects somewhere in the help documents?

Just to reply to myself for others Adding Global Effects | Tidal Cycles