Designing a concise embedded Tidal Cheatsheet

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a launcher for Tidal Cycles, using the GUI functionalities of SuperCollider. My goal is to replace the startup.scd file with an interactive graphical window. Here are some screenshots:


There is enough space for the inclusion of a tiny and concise HTML cheatsheet that anyone can study when practicing / performing in their favourite text editor. This launcher is not aimed at experienced Tidalists but more likely to newcomers. What would you include in the HTML cheatsheet? Give me your best suggestions :eyes:


how much space do you think you have? and .. do we think we need?

This could be used in other formats as well - I would welcome, and recommend to students, an A4 paper printout (two-sided, three columns) that reminds me of names for important concepts, functions, synths, effects, samples.

Like this (it has all the info, could use some formatting)

And one can print these on a mug as well, e.g.,

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Ideally, anything A4 paper sized would be enough. The goal is not to provide an extensive documentation. The cheatsheet would act as a reminder that "this function exists and I don't use it often", with a link to the documentation to learn more about it.

I wasn't aware of the cheasheet you've linked to, I'll take a look at it.

Oh! I would love one of these! (Of course: the Tidal version.)

Actually I might be able to create an SVG/PDF print template once we have an 'official' cheat sheet version and if that's needed/wanted.

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That is way too cool!

Here's a cheat sheet I made for workshops:

It's designed to be cut and folded like this: