Difficulty importing samples

hello everyone, quiet new here, struggling to import my own samples in SC and Pulsar on Windows 10.
I followed this script [Custom Samples | Tidal Cycles](Custom Samples | Tidal Cycles)

and this is what I get from SC when I run Pulsar

Any help would be appreciated

You're loading them twice by the looks -
The first loadSoundFiles directive is loading everything under rizitiko/*
The subsequent lines look like they are individually loading every folder under rizitiko/ again

Try just leaving the first call in place, and removing all the subsequent loadSoundFile calls

Some idea of how the files/folder structure looks would be helpful if that doesn't work

No I think the first loadSoundFiles line isn't working, but I think it would work if another \\ was placed in front of the * on that line.

Something like:

Then the other loadSoundFiles lines can be removed.

SuperDirt is trying to play something in the 632i1 folder and that folder isn't being explicitly loaded. With those slashes added, if that folder exists it should load.