Discussion: `cut` behaviour for simultaneous events (eg chords)

Over the years I've often run into issues where I'm executing simultaneous events (like chords with multiple notes) and attempted to use cut in combination with these chords only to find that they are no longer chords because cut limits the simultaneous event grouping to a single sound - eg

d1 $ n ("<af'sixNine'5 f'min11'5>/4") # s "superhoover"

-- vs
d1 $ n ("<af'sixNine'5 f'min11'5>/4") # s "superhoover"
   # cut 1 -- creates a single note

I'm not familiar enough with the internals of superdirt to know whether what I'm asking is impossible - but @julian is there a possibility that the cut behaviour could be modified to allow simultaneous events into the playback when they're on the same cut group?