DJF not working on tidal 1.8.0 install

Hi there, I've just noticed a new issue on my Arch Linux haskell-tidal install after leaving it aside from a while.
The djfbus lines I had in some pieces seem to not have an effect anymore - digging deeper, it's the whole djf that seems to be failing:

  $ loopAt 1  $ "breaks165" # cut 1
  # djf 0.8

I hear the breaks165 sound with no filter - changing 0.8 to 0.2 or extremes like [0|1] don't change the sound either.

Could it be related to the recent 1.8.0 update? (cc @yaxu :eyes:)
Maybe it's a deeper problem in my SC setup - does someone know a way to test DJF with pure SuperCollider code? :thinking:

Meanwhile, found back this 'manual DJF implementation' I had written for midi controls a while ago - I think it had some slight centering issues, but might be a workaround for anyone affected :grin:

  -- Parameterized DJF
  -- Usage: d1 $ midiDJF "^49" 200 9800 0 2000 $ "breaks165"
  _LPF lMin lMax ch = (# lpf (min lMax ((range lMin ((lMax*2) - lMin) ch))))
  _HPF hMin hMax ch = (# hpf (max hMin (min hMax (range (hMin - hMax) (hMax - hMin) ch))))
  midiDJF   ch lMin lMax hMin hMax = (_LPF lMin lMax ch) . (_HPF hMin hMax ch)

That's strange. What version of superdirt do you have? You can check in the 'quarks' interface via the supercollider menus.

I believe 1.7.2. After rerunning Quarks.install("");, I get this displayed:

*** Welcome to SuperCollider 3.13.0-dev. *** For help press Ctrl-D.
Installing SuperDirt
Installing Vowel
Vowel installed
Installing Dirt-Samples
Dirt-Samples installed
SuperDirt installed
-> Quark: SuperDirt[tags/refs/tags/v1.7.2]

However, when clicking on the Quarks menu item or running Quarks.gui;, I see this error in the console:

Library has not been compiled successfully.

Looks like it might be something wrong in my SC installation... Digging into it :confused: