Dualshock 4 Input

Hi all. Some time ago I was fiddling with John Woo Park's Dualshock-to-Supercollider work and ended up with a supercollider snippet to send that data to Tidal. It's been a while, no idea if it still works, but I remember having fun with it.
Word of advice: sending /ctrl to tidal means some response latency depending on your setup. If you just want to control external synth params, routing it directly via SC seems best.

s.waitForBoot {
    ~tidalctrl = NetAddr.new("localhost", 6010);
    // Connect Dualshock
    if (HID.findBy(1356, 2508).size > 0, {
		~dualshock = HID.open(1356, 2508);

		// Send DualShock input to Tidal
		~senddskey = { |...args|
			~keyname = args[0];
			// (~keyname + " " + args[2]).postln;
			~tidalctrl.sendMsg("/ctrl", ~keyname, args[2]);

		// Forward Dualshock Input to appropriate inputs
		~dskey = { |n, keyname| HIDFunc.element({ |...args| ~senddskey.value(keyname, *args)}, [n]); };


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Thanks for the post!

I'm going off on a tangent here, but since you brought up Joo Woo Park... I had to mention that I have often been inspired by his creations - they are inventive, fun, spontaneous, and use technology creatively. I'm not aware if he has done any actual livecoding, but he does a lot with live electronics and live sampling that seems (to me at least) to capture the spirit of some types of livecoding through improvisation.

Here is a session that uses live improvisation with a collection of every day objects:

A similar one: Joo Won Park - Touch - YouTube

-- Sorry this is nothing to do with your post about Dualshock.

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