Duration shortcuts

Hello! Where can I see the full list of shortcuts for durations. Such as in this example:

At the moment:

  • w = 1 (whole)
  • h = 1/2 (half)
  • t = 1/3 (third)
  • q = 1/4 (quarter)
  • f = 1/5 (fifth)
  • x = 1/6 (siXth)
  • e = 1/8 (eighth)
  • s = 1/16 (sixteenth)

Then for e.g. three sixteenths you can do e.g. 3s


Thank you!

Yaxu, what happens in this code?

2t is two thirds and 1t is one third

I was so looking at this!
@yaxu we don't have it documented in the Userbase, do we?

Pay attention that at the moment there's some overlapping between duration shortcuts and notes.
In particular e used as a parameter is 4 and not 1/8.
Will be fixed in the next version