E$P - Performance Stream 21/11/20 7.45ish pm GMT +7

Hi hope all are well. Haven't been too active in the club aside from regular reading and hijacking this thread (Trigger Tidal code with MIDI), picking @mrreason 's brain for my current tidal/controller setup... (again much thanks!)

However the project I have been working on, since picking up Tidal a few months ago, (e$p https://instagram.com/e_es_p) has its debut performance/stream tomorrow 21/11/20 at an event here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 7.45ish pm (GMT +7) on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEMxB33xsBvi2CZivESPRgQ and Instagram: https://instagram.com/nomorenormal.nmn If anyone has time to tune in... and even provide feedback after the fact would be great.

Not sure whether we have a direct feed into the stream or is room cam/s. Also is not live coding but live manipulation of code with midi controller along with modular synthesis and video. Good set of scorn-esque heavy bass and drum by Dplatform before us (7ish) and a great DJ, Ayash, after us.

Hope some of yous can tune in.