Emacs autocomplete

Has anyone managed to get emacs autocompletion on tidal code? I gave a quick try running lsp-haskell but didn't get anything to work properly yet.

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I'm using company but the way it does it is not entirely satisfying (I sometimes would like it to autocomplete things but it doesn't). I've been putting off digging into that, so, if you make it work, I'm interested!

Still an issue? I also have company mode running with an extended version of


In case anyone is interested, here is my Emacs configuration for that:

(use-package company-tidal-backend
  :load-path "~/path/to/folder/where/company/file/lives"
  :init (add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-tidal-backend)

In my case I also had to add

(company-box-mode -1)

because otherwise the autocompletion display was faulty.

Unfortunately my Emacs has somehow problems with Tidal. Even though I am unhappy with that, I gave Atom a try, which for now seems to work without problems.